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studio editoriale associatoValeria Verri

studio editoriale associatoA registered professional journalist since 1982, Valeria Verri started out working with the magazines "Amica" and "Gente Viaggi" as well as RAI television in Milan.

In 1989 she passed the UCLES-CPE (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English) at the British School in Milan.

She went on to work for the Milan office of Ansa and later for large-circulation magazines ("Eva Express", "Sorrisi e Canzoni TV" and "Novella 2000").

In 1995, she started to work with the Provincia di Ancona, managing the publication of this local government body's periodical magazine, developing and updating its website and handling the City Council's Press Office.

She is also the author of various English-language text books and educational materials for several publishers, including "Richmond Park Stories", "Skipper", "Friends and Fun", "Junior Sailor", "New Skipper" and "Grammar Navigator" for Lang and the Italian handbook for learners of Italian "Io parlo italiano" for Cetem.

She is a regular contributor to the weekly "TelepiĆ¹" (Mondadori) and "Effe" (Cairo) and continues to maintain contacts with the main Italian newspapers, magazines and publishers (RCS, Mondadori, Rusconi, RAI).