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studio editoriale associatoOrganization

studio editoriale associatoThe studio works with a flexible network of external specialists and, if a job requires particular know-how or equipment, we use the services of reliable organizations which come highly recommended (cinema or music production houses, printers, photographers and illustrators).

The network includes professionals and companies operating in, amongst other places, Milan and Turin.

Should the commissioning company wish, the studio can act as general contractor, taking care of the administrative details. Alternatively, the studio can put suppliers into direct contact with the client.

In both cases, however, the studio acts as operational interface in work organization and quality control.

Client contact is usually made through an account manager who is in charge of the job with the main specialist who may be needed working alongside.

In the case of media press campaigns, unless the commissioning company has made other arrangements, the studio reimburses agency fees of 15% directly to the client.