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studio editoriale associatoFlexible Solutions

studio editoriale associatoThe services we offer as a studio can obviously be used in a modular way so as to stand alongside internal company structures or those of other suppliers.

The fact that we are able to offer a complete package does not mean that we are unable to act in single specific areas if necessary, such as marketing or communication strategy, below-the-line tools production, website design and development or press office management.

Or, as far as educational publishing is concerned, graphic design of the volume or series, layout, photographic, illustration or map-making services and researching promotional aids.

As a studio, we would like to point out that we have particular competences in planning interactive multimedia supplementary material, production of themed and historical maps and creating promotional material, including stands for exhibitions and trade fairs.

In addition, we can manage periodicals such as in-house organs and newsletters by taking care of printing and distribution as well as editing and layout.