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studio editoriale associatoFeatures

studio editoriale associatoThis studio doesn't simply offer a graphics service or just do the work of an advertising agency, we are a real business partner for our clients.

The simple fact that we operate in two adjoining sectors such as communications and publishing allows us to transfer experience and competences from one field to another. This means we can extend the range we have on offer, particularly from a creative point of view.

We are able to take on a global consulting role no matter what type of actions we undertake. This allows us to act on the basis of the client's choice of marketing strategy and choose the most effective tools to use: advertising, direct marketing, web marketing, public relations, newsletters and so on.

In the case of educational publishing, we can also undertake scouting activities (finding authors) and market monitoring, meaning that we can work hand in hand with the commissioning company's organization right from the product concept stage.